The story so far (for beginners)

The story so far (for beginners)

If you are completely new to the story, here is a summary of what’s happened so far:

Did you watch the release of the PS4 and Xbox, each with a $500 price tag? Did you watch the release of the Playstation 4 and Xbox, each with a $500 price tag? Did you see that Nintendo is now making a new console, with a $300 price tag? Did you see that Nintendo is now making a new console, with a $300 price tag? Did you see that Wii U is a console that you can play games with your friends and family on, with a $300 price tag? Did you see that Wii U is a console that you can play games with your friends and family on, with a $300 price tag? Did you see that you could play games on the Wii U with a $60

I’ve seen a few comments here from newbies and beginners saying they were completely confused by the plot and how everything fit together. You lose a lot of flow and information when you summarize content, so I can understand how it can be confusing.

I’m no history expert, but I thought I’d give you a summary (as best I can) of what’s happened in the Destiny universe so far – at least the highlights.

There is so much history and amazing detail in and between each of these points. I suggest you read the wiki and watch the history videos to catch up if you can! But I hope this covers the basics.

Destiny 1

  • The guard wakes up in the cosmodrome near the ghost, the Journeyman’s lightship (big sphere)
  • They travel to the last city on Earth and meet the Orator and the Vanguard – Ikora (Warlocks), Zavala (Titans) and Cayde-6 (Hunters).
  • The Guardian fights the Fallen on Earth, wakes up the Hive on the Moon, fights the Cabal on Mars, whether they like it or not, and travels to Venus to fight the Vexes.
  • The Guardian, with the help of the awakened Queen Mara Owl and her brother Prince Uldren, sneaks into the Black Garden to destroy the heart of darkness that has blocked the light of the travelers.
  • A traveler begins to recover from a battle with the darkness he fought years earlier.

The darkness below

  • Eris Morn, hidden and a hunter, lost her team when she tried to deal with a Hive Knight named Mole, who was planning an invasion of Earth.
  • She lost her eyes, replaced them with those of Hive’s sidekick, and crawled out of the Hellmouth to the moon.
  • The Guardian teams up with Eris and eventually eliminates Mole.

The house of the wolves

  • Mara Owl opens the reef to the Guardians, asking for their help in finding the House of the Fallen Wolf who betrayed her.
  • The Guardians seek the Fallen Kell, Scolas, who sought to unite all the Fallen under one banner.

Taken King

  • Turns out Mole was the prince of the hive, and his father, Oryx, was not happy about you cooling him off. And he came to say hello.
  • Mara Owl sacrifices her physical form to thwart the Oryx invasion.
  • Oryx is one of three powerful Hive Lords, who have the ability to kidnap other common enemies – and turn them into a new faction.
  • The Guardian finds his way to Oryx’s ship and destroys it.

The Iron Rebellion

  • Some of the oldest lightbearers, called Iron Lords, go deep into the cosmos in search of SIVA, a self-replicating non-technology that can be programmed to turn into almost anything.
  • SIVA turned hostile and killed most of the Iron Lords, and only Saladin (and Efridith) escaped retribution.
  • The Fallen get their hands on SIVA, and the Guardian joins Saladin to deal with them and destroy them for good.

Destiny 2: The Red War

  • The Society descends upon the last city, caging the traveler and separating all Guardians of the Light.
  • A giant ship called the Almighty threatens to blow up the sun as an emergency shelter.
  • The Guardian survives the attack and travels to Titan, Nessus and Io to bring the Vanguard back together.
  • They plot to eliminate the Almighty and destroy Ghawl, the leader of the society.
  • Ghaul falls, Traveler wakes up and breaks the cage – activating the pyramid ships outside the solar system.
  • A giant ship called Leviathan arrives with on board the fallen emperor of the Society, Calus, who invites the Guardians on board to challenge them and test their skills in exchange for a reward.

The curse of Osiris

  • The former wizard of the Osiris Vanguard is on Mercury, investigating Vex. Mercury is home to a giant simulation of Vex, the Infinite Forest.
  • The Vex simulate many variations of the future, including those in which the traveler is not present.
  • The Guardian works with Osiris to stop the simulation by destroying Panoptes, the Vex spirit that controls the forest and applies its simulations to the physical world.


  • Thinking herself dead, Huntress Ana Bray is exploring her past on Mars when the hive god Xol and his ally Nokris (Mole’s brother) thaw out and begin wreaking havoc.
  • The Guardian joins Ana, the Warmind (artificial intelligence network) Rasputin and fights to finally destroy Xol and Nokris.

Departure from

  • There was a disturbance at the Rifouds’ prison. The goalie takes the lead with Kaida Six and the Mara Owls’ number two, Petra Wenge.
  • A prison break takes place during which Uldren Sov – under the influence of darkness – escapes with 8 Barons of Contempt (zombie traps).
  • Caid Six dies at the hands of Uldren.
  • The Guardian and Petra, with the help of the Spider (the only law on the coast), track down the barons of the Tangent Coast and pursue Uldren to the City of Dreams, a fairyland where space elves made of dreams and other strange things live.
  • Dark Uldren is cornered and killed by the Guardian/Petra, but not before he frees the giant dragon of desire named Ahamkara.
  • This Ahamkara, Riven, has been captured (by the dark power of Orix) and is being pursued and killed by the Guardians. Driven by the desire to kill him, the Ahamkara eventually creates a cursed loop in the City of Dreams, where the same three weeks keep repeating.
  • Meanwhile, it is revealed that Mara Sov is still alive and that Uldren was brought to life by Ghost as a light bearer.

Forging time

  • The Guardians discover a new tower dependency run by Ada-1, an exo who is part of the Dark Arsenal.
  • The Guardian helps Ada-1 recover the lost forges used to create powerful weapons, while stopping a conspiracy of Fallen to use these forges and weapons to destroy humanity.

The dinghy season

  • A roving lightship called Drifter appears in the tower and offers the Guardians a new game called Gambit.
  • Also, Drifter drags a piece of alien space behind his ship that transports the Guardians to the realm of the Nine.
  • In this realm, the Guardians are tested by the Nine (which is later revealed to be Dark Matter, involving the planets of the Sol system) and reveal the history and origins of the Derivatives.

The season of luxury

  • Calus invites the Guardians aboard the Leviathan to offer them great rewards in the Beastmaster, a series of events in which the Guardians take on captured Hives and Vexes.
  • Kalus also asks for help in ending one of these failed experiments, using a Hive artifact called the Crown of Sorrow, which connects the wearer’s mind to the Hive.


  • Eris Morn returns to the moon and awakens Hive’s new nightmare.
  • The Guardians head to the moon to stop the Hive’s attack and stumble upon a black pyramid.
  • They must contend with a new Hive faction made up of the remnants of the Mole family and Oryx, including an attack on Scarlet Castle and its tower.
  • The Guardians help Eris deal with nightmarish versions of her lost team, gather materials to break the dark seal blocking access to the pyramid, and make their way inside.
  • Pyramid uses the darkness to capture the spirit and communicate with the guardian, who eventually promises redemption in a vision of the Black Garden.

The season of the immortals

  • The Vexes invade the moon, and a spirit called the Infinite Spirit lurks in an infinite number of timelines.
  • Ikora builds a portal into the tower so the Guardians can find it and destroy it once and for all.

The twilight season

  • The Guardian’s manipulation of the timeline has upset the weather on Mercury. Using a time device, a sundial, the company tries to find a timeline in which it wins.
  • The Guardians help Osiris slaughter the psions of the society, and eventually destroy them to prevent their downfall.
  • Meanwhile, the Guardians also manage to find timelines where they can help the legendary titan St. XIV and prevent his death by bringing him back to the current timeline alive.

A season of dignity

  • One of the Society’s psionics escapes the Sandial massacre and puts the Almighty (of Red War) on a collision course with Earth.
  • The Guardians help Anya Bray activate Rasputin’s Varsat network and destroy the Almighty before he confronts them.
  • The Guardians also learn that Rasputin caused the SIVA crisis and the destruction of the Iron Lords. He was trying to get his son Felvinter back. Felwinter was an Iron Lord, but before he was brought back as a light bearer, he was an exo created by Rasputin to deal with and judge humanity.

Arrival season

  • The Black Pyramid fleet is arriving in the Sol System and making contact.
  • Eris Morn and the Guardians try to connect, but are blocked by Savatoon. Savatun is another lord (mistress?) of the ‘hive, who controls things behind the scenes, including the curse of the City of Dreams. She’s Oryx’s sister.
  • Finally, Darkness delivered his message to the Guard, informing them that something was waiting for them on Europa.

Beyond the light

  • The fallen Kell, Eramis, gathers his troops in Europe and uses the power of darkness to rule, aiming to dominate his neighbors and unite the Elixni (the proper name for the fallen).
  • The Guardians team up with Varix (the former warden of Old Prison) and the exo-alien (who turns out to be Ana’s sister, Elizabeth Bray) to stop him.
  • The Guardians obtain Stasis, the power of darkness, and use it to destroy Eramis’ generals and eventually Eramis himself.
  • The Watchers discover that Elizabeth is in a time loop where darkness always wins, and she continues to try to change this dark future.
  • She is also the granddaughter of Clovis Bray, the golden age scientist responsible for the creation of SIVA, Exos and several other technologies. Clovis created an Exo to become immortal, and still lives in two different Exos.

Hunting season

  • Osiris examines injuries on the moon and his spirit, Sagira, is killed. Before he is destroyed by the Hive Knight, he is saved by the resurrected Uldren Owl, now known as the Raven.
  • The Guardians join Osiris and Raven, who serve the Spider in Tangled Shore, to track down the Wrathborn Hive and the Fallen, who are under the influence of another Hive Lord, Xivu Arath.
  • Xiva Arath is the sister of Oryx and Savatun and is known as the god of war who gains his power through conflict.
  • Eventually they find the solemn supreme Xiva Arata, who leads Sola’s forces.

The season of the elected

  • Fueled by their war lust, the Xivu Arath infiltrated and destroyed the Society’s homeworld, sending the survivors to the Sol system in search of reinforcements.
  • The new leader of the Society, Empress Cayatl (daughter of Calus), is trying to force the Guardians to submit to the Society’s Board of Directors in order to join forces against the Hive ship. The vanguard of the Titans, Zivala, refuses.
  • The Society sets out to find the strongest among them to join their war effort – they are interrupted by the Guardians, who are destroying the Champions.
  • In the end, Cayatl agrees to fight the champion in a winner-take-all scenario. the guards win and make a truce with the society.
  • Meanwhile, the renegade Psions try to kill Zavala, but they fail. Raven protects him and eventually reveals that his face is that of Uldren the Owl, who killed the vanguard of Caid-6’s fighters.
  • The Crown of Sorrow reappears on Glycon, the abandoned ship of the Society where experiments on the Skorns were conducted on Kalus’ orders.

If you have 4 hours to kill and really want to know the deep story of Destiny, I recommend the magnum opus My Name Is Byf:

Besides, is every columnist’s best friend.

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Post Story so far (for newcomers) for the game Destiny 2.

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If you are completely new to the story, here is a summary of what’s happened so far: Did you watch the release of the PS4 and Xbox, each with a $500 price tag? Did you watch the release of the Playstation 4 and Xbox, each with a $500 price tag? Did you see that Nintendo…

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