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Sims 4 Scandinavian Home & Furniture CC (All Free) –

As a lot of people knows, one of the things that makes The Sims special is the ability to customise every aspect of your sims life. It would be incredibly hard to play the game without custom content, as it would be hard to make the sims feel like themselves without custom clothes, accessories, and of course, a home to live in! The Sims 4 Scandinavian Home & Furniture CC (All Free) – is a great example of why custom content is so important to the sims community.

While many people think of the Sims when they think of content downloads, the Sims 4 is actually a great platform for adding new content as well. The furniture and home decorating aspects of the game have been expanded upon since the Sims 3, and there are now a huge number of different items available to download for free, ranging from Sims-replicated furniture to purely decorative items.

If you’ve ever looked at interior design on Pinterest, you’ve probably seen lots of beautiful rooms with white or cream walls, cozy woven rugs, wooden furniture, and lots of nature-inspired geometric patterns (like simplified arrows, deer, silhouettes of birds in flight, autumn leaves, and so on).

It is quite possible that 90% of these rooms are designed according to minimalist or modern design concepts.

The remaining 10% can be achieved with Scandinavian design ideas.

Scandinavian design has become very popular due to its use of clean lines, bare structures and soft colours. And probably made of stuff from IKEA.

Scandinavian interiors are not only clean and compact, but also warm and welcoming.

And if you want to incorporate this into your Sim’s home, I highly recommend it. Because Scandinavian rooms are never going to look great – especially with all that CC!

1. Japandi Dining de Pilar

Check out this AC.

The set consists of: 12 items (furniture and decorative items)

I decided to start this article with my second favorite CC pack (my favorite is illogicalsim’s Fanmade Stuff Pack at #5) of the entire set.

I swear, this fusion concept developed by Pilar, the creator of TS4 CC, is awesome.

I had high hopes for this series just because of the name, especially since the Scandinavian and Japanese interiors are incredibly beautiful. On the contrary, the creator knocked him out.

Scandinavian design and Japanese design share many principles. Clean lines, minimal extravagance, less clutter…. It is therefore logical that these two concepts complement each other.

I didn’t realize how well they could go together until I saw this set.

Look at those gnarled wood planks, those beautiful wood grains and tell me you’re not hopelessly in love. It is clean, simple and a truly unique and elegant placemat.

True to Scandinavian principles of simplicity, each piece is offered in just two colors.

2. Scandinavian wall kit from SimFabulous

Check out this AC.

Set consisting of: 6 items (wall covering)

Yes, your furniture can be Scandinavian….. but what about your walls?

As a last resort, you can use the basic monochromatic wallpaper options of the game (pastels, neutrals, etc.).

Or – and hear me out – you can use the wallpaper Scandinavian Wall Set from SimFabulous to complete the look.

Seriously, these drawings are amazing. Minimal simplicity without being boring, bland or repetitive.

Thin diagonal lines of cream on soft earth tones, multicolored triangles in soft, dark and subtle tones, two-tone wallpaper…. it will be hard not to find a striking pattern.

Personally, I like the one with the springs. It’s a good accent wall.

All wall coverings are available for $20 and come in 8 colors (except the multi-colored triangles, which come in two colors).

3. Classic cherry blossom bird wall kit from Peacemaker_IC

Check out this AC.

Set consisting of: 1 piece (wall covering)

Want more Scandinavian accent wall options? Everything is arranged.

Or, well… Instead, Peacemaker_IC will take care of you with the impressive Cherry Blossom Birds wall set.

It’s a bit louder than what’s usual for Scandinavian interiors. But only if you use them as wallpaper for the entire room.

Paint one wall with this pattern and paint the rest with a complementary solid color – perhaps a softer texture – and you have a winning combination.

There are a total of 6 color options for this wall set, and they are all beautiful. The designer’s favorites are coral and duck egg blue.

I love the soft yellow/cream variety, but I also agree with them about the blue duck eggs.

4. Vega office furniture from Severinka_

Check out this AC.

The set contains: 8 items (decorative items)

This Vega desk decoration set from Severinka_ is just what your Sim needs for a Scandinavian-style home office.

Monochromatic colors and flowing lines, combined with soft watercolor patterns and wooden arrows, give the whole room a warmer, more inviting look.

You can choose between two arrow fountain decorations: one with three arrows (all painted differently from the rest of the arrow), and one with two (painted the same way as the arrow).

There’s also a dilapidated wooden chalkboard framed with beautiful sketches, two fun geometric wire figures (which really look like expensive decorative items CEOs buy as occasional snakes), and a roll of drawing and sketching paper (framed and unframed) to lean against the wall.

5. TS4 Minimalist Bedroom Stuff by illogicalsims

Check out this AC.

The set consists of: 29 items (25 furniture and decorations, 2 wall coverings, 2 floor coverings)

I’m trying to write this semi-professionally, so I’ll do my best to contain my excitement, but seriously. Seriously, though. This fandom kit for The Sims 4 from illogicalsims is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

I’m not exaggerating when I say I wouldn’t hesitate to pay for this package (but thanks to illogicalsims for making it free!).

I mean concept, quality and execution? Next level. Next level, damn it.

Each piece I hung made me want to decorate several rooms. And I am in no way an heir to The Sims 4. My Sims are moving into the EA buildings, for heaven’s sake.

It’s just that the products are so good. The game includes 25 new items (including a single and double bed, a nightstand, a desk, two floor lamps and a small potted plant), 2 new wall textures (both have a beautiful texture and soft wood color) and 2 new floor textures (just as beautiful as the walls)

All furniture is minimalist in design. Very Scandinavian, no doubt. But it’s the decorations I’m so worried about.

This package includes a wooden frame without a photo, available in four colors: Oak, dark wood, light wood and grey-blue. The set also includes several unframed photos (all with a different motif), so you can combine them to create your own wall decor. Pretty cool.

There is also a beautiful wall hanger with black border in 14 different variations, 12 of which represent different TS4 worlds. Nice concept? Aha! Sympathetic results? Aha!

And if wall decoration is not your taste, another important decorative option in this set are these incredibly ornate, classic and minimalist picture frames, designed to stand against walls or corners.

They come in two sizes (small and large) and ten variations, and I’m not kidding when I say all the designs are great.

This is getting very long, so I will stop here. Just buy this package. I love this set. Live in this suit.

6. Naturalis bedroom by SIMcredible!

Check out this AC.

The set consists of: 14 items (furniture and decorative items)

SIMcredible! offers us what the TS4 base game can’t: bed customization.

I still maintain that all beds in The Sims 4 would look better if you could change the color of the frame, mattress, pillows and blankets individually.

But maybe that’s just me.

That’s why I fell in love with this Naturalis bedroom set.

I mean the design is beautiful, the details are perfect and the textures are incredibly Scandinavian. The three main color options in this set – deep mahogany, white wood and light grain – also fit into almost any color scheme or theme.

But the bed is the highlight for me.

You can combine the bed frame and mattress with pillows and a bedspread.

Yes, all the rooms.

For example, you can use a white wool mattress in a frame with light grain, paired with deep mahogany pillows (for contrast), and then cover the whole thing with a beautiful light charcoal blue woven bedspread.

If you’re a big fan of customization and truly natural, down-to-earth fabrics and wools, this Naturalis bedroom set is the bomb.

7. Scandinavian boy’s room by MXIMS

Check out this AC.

The set consists of: 6 items (furniture and decorative items)

Like the Naturalis bedroom set from SIMcredible!, the boy’s Scandinavian-style room from MXIMS also has a bed that can be rearranged to suit your needs.

The box spring, mattress, pillow and Jonesi blanket (written by @paisleyavenueredux) are all separate.

The different colour schemes, textures and patterns make it possible to play with complementary (or opposing) combinations ad infinitum.

Other elements include a desk with drawers and a matching chair, both of which look great in the set’s signature muted white color.

By the way: The color palette of this set leans towards muted neutrals and soft woods.

8. Tuomo Scandinavian Living by RightHearted

Check out this AC.

The set consists of: 18 items (furniture and decorative items)

All this furniture evokes the modern, high-class Scandinavian style.

Classic Scandinavian elements can be found here – natural textures and a stylish colour palette. Very clean, very distinct, very minimal.

The modern and upscale area is thanks to a beautiful driftwood TV cabinet, a DVD player and game console, as well as a curved flat screen TV.

All these elements combine to create a cool entertainment centre without frills, which blends seamlessly with the other elements of the complex.

When it comes to customization, the sectional sofa is a real winner.

It’s a rather unusual concept that RightHearted executed perfectly. Like MXIMS’ Scandinavian-inspired boy beds and SIMcredible’s Naturalis bedroom! you can mix and match sofa pieces to create something to your taste.

The main body of the sofa, the back cushions and the cushions for the landing are all separate items with different colour options.

The cushions themselves come in three different styles: large, small and slightly curved in the middle. And you can post as many as you want!

9. Scandinavian Living Room Set by seimar8

Check out this AC.

The set consists of: 16 items (furniture and decorative items)

This living room set really highlights the importance of texture in Scandinavian design.

It also reinforces the concept of hygge, which essentially means feeling good and enjoying simplicity.

There is an eyelet finished sofa and armchair, a sleek wooden coffee table, a floating shelf on three levels, a sleek modern fireplace and much more.

But the rest of the rooms in the complex – and these are usually simple pieces of decoration and furniture – have the same modest and strictly functional appearance. Nothing is striking or flashy.

The decorations in this set serve as points of contrast and bursts of color.

The clean color palette and simple patterns give the room a warm atmosphere without giving the impression of unnecessary visual clutter.

It’s not as Scandinavian-modern as the other sets on this list, but it’s just as beautiful.

10. Scandinavian Dining Room by MXIMS

Check out this AC.

The set consists of: 10 items (furniture and decorative items)

Here’s another CC set that combines Scandinavian principles with modern minimalist style and perhaps an eclectic globe chandelier.

Yet it is part of the Scandinavian classic of nature-based silhouettes (tree branches, birds in flight, sunlight) and therefore has a place in this selection.

The remaining 9 pieces consist of a modest 2×1 dining table, three different chairs, and plenty of decorative elements to brighten the mood without making a mess. Because, you know, it’s Scandinavian.

My favorite things here are the monogrammed coffee mug, the spoon, and the clutter on the kitchen stand – because it’s also a functional shelf, which is really cool.

11. IKEA Mandal bedroom set by MXIMS

Check out this AC.

The set consists of: 5 items (furniture)

Of all the items in this package, the separate headboard caught my eye.

Don’t get me wrong, all other topics are good. Beautiful patterns, nice texture and elegantly compact (especially the mirror on the floor).

There may not be many pieces in this package. But the quality more than makes up for the decrease in quantity.

But the headboard is the pinnacle for me. It is made entirely of wooden slats and is framed by three small shelves on each side. And every shelf is functional.

Therefore, you can place small decorations and clutter to completely change the look of the entire bed!

This headboard artfully combines two different Scandinavian concepts:

A) everything should be functional, and B) a multi-story bedroom is an attractive bedroom.

And this package follows these concepts perfectly.

12. IKEA Hemnes Bedroom by MXIMS

Check out this AC.

The set consists of: 5 items (furniture)

Like the IKEA Mandal bedroom set, this Ikea Hemnes bedroom (from the same CC) has basic furniture in classic Scandinavian style: contrasting neutral colors, bare metal and a subtle stripe pattern.

Everything is very simple and straightforward – in that strange, warm and elegant way that characterizes most Scandinavian interiors.

However, there are no naturalistic patterns, textures or silhouettes here. The designer seemed to stick to the cleaner style elements of our main theme.

Drawers of different sizes are also a good idea, as they can be stacked along the wall to create a layered effect.

13. Elegant living room decoration by Severinka_

Check out this AC.

The set consists of: 9 items (decorative items)

If your favorite Scandinavian design principle is nature-based patterns and silhouettes, you’ll love this CC decor set.

Driftwood table decorations are particularly beautiful to see.

Place it on an elegant black glass coffee table or on a lacquered metal shelf for maximum style contrast.

Decorative rugs are beautiful, timeless, sepia shades that can easily be laid over light wood to create a warm, almost rustic atmosphere.

The wall and ceiling lights have a base of bare metal to accentuate the neutral color palette.

Placed on dark walls, they blend in, creating a sort of homogeneous look.

They will contrast nicely with the light colored walls.

Definitely one of the quietest sets in the set, but in a good way.

The items here seem designed to help muffle the noise in the room, while keeping the color theme from becoming monotonous.

14. Salon ScandiFever by SIMcredible!

Check out this AC.

The set consists of: 20 items (furniture and decorative items)

If illogicalsims’ Minimalist Bedroom pack was the best for designing modern Scandinavian bedrooms, then SIMcredible!’s ScandiFever Living Room pack is one of the best packs for designing a Scandinavian lounge.

They have fully embraced the stylistically pure concept of this design with a simple palette of solid colors, and the contrasting textures of these pieces make them so chic and appealing (grained wood and polished copper, pure cotton and patterned textiles, woven rattan and bare metal).

The coloring kits are definitely my favorite part of this series (followed by the cozy looking wood basket and the really cute wall decals).

There are 7 design options and 4 color options for each option.

That’s a total of 28 different sets of drawings you can use here.

As for the design, well…. I have a weakness for anything tribal, nature, geometric, and layered patterns. So yeah, I’m totally biased when I say the drawings are great.

The deer, the leaves, the simplified arrows, the scribbled words…. It totally fits my aesthetic. Of course I had fun posting them on my sims’ walls.

In addition to the paintings, the other furniture and decorations in this set are of incredible quality.

No grid issues, simple color variations (staying true to the good old minimalist concept) and impeccable functionality.

If you only need one Scandi CC package for your salon, download this one.

15. Amura Salon by Forever Designs

Check out this AC.

The set consists of: 20 items (furniture and decorative items)

That’s what I like about the sofa in this set:

You can make it as long or as short as you want. Fully customizable.

It can be a single piece for one person or a huge 1×8 that takes up an entire living room.

Is this what I’ve always been looking for in a bank for sims 4? Not really.

But is this something I didn’t know I needed?


Adaptable furniture is always interesting. And I like that it’s really functional.

The left end, the right end and the middle part are also connected to the network in some way. That way, you don’t have to worry about any part of the sofa looking uneven.

Just put it down and click, click, click until the bench is the right length.

And don’t forget to combine it with a matching ottoman for the living room.

And yes, this package contains parts that allow you to create a custom footstool. The attention to detail and versatility here is insane.

Another highlight of this game is the cool design with all those boxes of different sizes.

I also can’t resist mentioning the articles that clog the magazines!

This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about sims 4 palace no cc and let us know what you think.

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