Google Contacts Not Syncing On Android? Here’s How To Fix!

Google Contacts Not Syncing On Android? Here’s How To Fix!

Google Contacts Not Syncing On Android? Here’s How To Fix!

Google may have introduced Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) as an operating system designed to run on billions of devices and covers everything from mobile phones to tablet computers, TV and other products. However, there are still some kinks that Google has yet to iron out. For one, if you’re currently using an Android device, you probably have some contacts synced to it. If not, you can quickly and easily sync your contacts with Google.

It’s a common issue on Android devices, and a very easy one to solve if you take a few minutes to do a little digging. First, head into the Android contacts app. You should see a list of all your contacts, with their names and pictures. There should be two boxes at the top of the page: one for ‘importing’ and one for ‘exporting’. In the former, select the contacts you want to import (if you don’t see a box, make sure you are in the contacts view). In the latter, you have the option of exporting (i.e. copying) your contacts to another app, or to a text file. Personally, I recommend exporting them to a text file.


Discover simple and effective solutions to solve Google contacts desynchronization problem on Android!

Review: Are Google contacts not syncing on your Android phone or tablet? You don’t know how to solve this problem. Don’t panic! In this guide, I am going to show you some simple yet effective solutions to solve Google contacts sync issues on Android. Read this guide carefully and learn how to solve the problem of Google contacts not syncing on Android.

Why are Google contacts not synchronized with Android?

There are several common reasons why Google contacts do not sync with Android. Some of these are listed below.

  • If you have enabled battery saver mode on your phone, you may have an issue syncing your Google contacts.
  • When the mobile data or Wi-Fi connection is unstable.
  • If you haven’t updated the Contacts app, this can also cause issues syncing your Google contacts.
  • Gmail’s auto-sync option may not be enabled on your device.
  • If the Android synchronization option is not enabled.
  • Your Gmail cache files may be damaged.

So here are some of the common reasons that can cause a Google contacts sync problem. We will now look at some practical scenarios for real users.

Practical scenario 1: A Users Is Experiencing Sync is currently experiencing problems. He will be back soon Very long term edition

Google contacts are not synchronized When I look at the account and sync settings on my AT&T Note, my Google account is highlighted in red. Under the Google contacts account, it appears! and indicates that there are currently synchronization issues. He’ll be back soon. It’s been a long time. Do you have any ideas? Source: Android Central Forums

Practical scenario 2: Google user contacts are not synced with your Android phone

My gmail contacts are not syncing with my android phone. In my account settings, under account sync, m My contacts no longer sync with those on my Android phone. I followed all the instructions I could find on this forum about this problem and it doesn’t work. Source: Google Help Now, let’s see how to solve the problem when Google contacts sync is not working on Android. Message: All solutions described below are applicable to all Android phone models such as Xiaomi, LG, Sony, OnePlus, Realme, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Asus, ZTE, HTC, Samsung and other models. Also read : Restore deleted contacts from SIM card on Android

Solution 1: Restart Android phone

The first way to solve Google contacts sync problem is to restart your Android phone. This will eliminate minor anomalies that can cause problems when syncing Google contacts. word-image-3877

Solution 2: Checking the Internet connection

Your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection may not be stable, causing syncing to not work on Android. Therefore, you should check the source of the Internet connection (for example, from cellular data to Wi-Fi and from Wi-Fi to cellular data).

Solution 3: Turn off Energy Saving Mode

If you have enabled power saving mode on your Android smartphone, the syncing process can be temporarily disabled to save battery. If this feature is enabled, disable it and then check whether or not it is synchronized. To turn off the power saving mode, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Saver. You can also disable this feature directly by clicking on the Battery Saver option in Quick Settings. word-image-3878 Also read : Restoring contacts after an Android reset

Solution 4: Deactivating and reactivating contact synchronization

You can also disable and re-enable contact synchronization to resolve this issue. Follow the steps below to do this. Step one: On your phone, tap the Settings application icon. Step two: Then click on Accounts. Step three: Here you need to click on Google and select the Google account. Step four: Now click Sync Account and then next to Contacts click the ON button to turn it back on. word-image-1495

Solution 5: Permission to use master data

If you have accidentally disabled data access for the Contacts app on your phone, or if it is not allowed to use data in the background, this may also cause a Google Contacts sync issue that will be fixed soon. To solve this problem, you need to enable the use of background data for the Contacts application on your Android phone. Here are the steps to follow. Step one: Go to Settings > Apps. Step two: Now find the default Contacts application or Google Contacts. Step three: Then click on Data usage and toggle it to Background data, Unlimited data and Roaming data. word-image-3879 Also read : To recover inaccessible contacts from broken Android phone

Solution 6: Forced account synchronisation

It’s also possible that Google Accounts sync is interrupted due to some issues. So you can force your account to sync by going to Settings > Accounts. Now check if a synchronization error message is displayed. Then deactivate and reactivate the application’s automatic data synchronization. word-image-3880

Solution 7: Clear cache and remove contact details App

If the data stored in the contacts is corrupted, there may be a problem in the synchronization of Google contacts. Therefore, you need to clear the data and cache of the Google Contacts application by following the steps below. Step one: Go to Settings > Apps. Step two: Now find the Contacts application and click on it. Step three: Then click on Memory, then Clear Cache and Clear Data. word-image-3881 Also read : Samsung Galaxy S6 contacts missing? That’s how you rebuild!

Solution 8: Updating the Google Contacts application

If you are using the Google Contacts application as the default contact application on your smartphone, you should update to the latest version. To update it, open the Google Play Store application and type the name of the application in the search bar. If a new update is available, you will find an Update button next to the application. If you are using the default Contacts application, make sure the OTA software update is already installed on your phone. If so, install the latest available firmware. Message: You can use the Google Contacts application as the default contacts application on your Android device.

Solution 9: Check date and time

Setting the date and time settings incorrectly can also cause an issue with syncing your Google contacts. Even if you have everything set up correctly, you can still force the account to sync by changing the date and time settings. This is the most effective way to fix unsynchronized contacts on Android. Follow the steps below to do this. Step one: On your phone, open the Settings application. Step two: Tap System, and under System, tap Data and Time. Step three: You must now disable the Automatic Date and Time and Automatic Time Zone functions. Step four: You must now manually set the date and time incorrectly. Step 5: Then close the Settings application and return to the Home screen. Step six: You must now go back to Settings > System > Data and Time. Seventh step: You must then manually set the date and time again. Step 8: Finally, check the Automatic date and time and Automatic time zone options. word-image-3882 Also read : Unblocking blocked contacts in WhatsApp

Decision 10: Deleting special characters from registered contacts

If you used special characters (#, @, $, &,*, ?, etc.) in the Contacts application to save the name of a person’s phone number, it may cause an issue with synchronizing Google Contacts. Therefore, you should check your contact list and if you find any contacts with special characters, change them. Message: The Google Contact Sync application restores this application automatically. I have already discussed this in decision 17.

Decision 11: Disable data storage

Many Android smartphones have a built-in data saver mode that reduces mobile data usage. However, this may affect the background connectivity of Google Contacts data. So, you can try disabling the data saving mode by going to Settings > Network & Internet > Data Saving or disable it directly from the Quick Settings tile. word-image-3883 Also read : How do I fix the error when installing an Android update?

Decision 12: Checking Google storage

Google allows you to store up to 25,000 contacts per account with a maximum of 20MB total storage space (photos of contacts are not included). If you have used a quota, you cannot add contacts to the cloud. So make sure you have used enough storage space for your contacts in your Google Account.

Decision 13: Delete and add a Google Account

You can also solve the Google contacts synchronization problem by deleting your Google account and re-registering it on your Android device. Here are the steps to delete and re-add your Google account to solve the problem of not syncing Google contacts on Android. Step one: Open the Settings application. Step two: Go to Accounts > Google, and then tap your Google account. Step three: Now click on Delete Account. word-image-3884 Step four: If it’s been removed, add your Google account again and enable contact sync if it wasn’t enabled by default. word-image-3885 Also read : How can I solve the 963 error code in the Google Play Store?

Decision 14: Update your Android phone

If you haven’t updated your phone to the latest versions yet, you need to do so to fix the sync issue. Here are the steps to update Android to the latest version and solve the problem of Google contacts not working or not syncing. Step one: Go to Settings > System > Advanced > System Update (you will also find the About phone/tablet option there). word-image-3886 Step two: Download and install the update now.

Decision 15: Resetting application settings

For Android phones, you can reset all phone settings. You can restart it to solve the problem. There is no need to worry as you will not lose any data after resetting the application. To reset the application settings, go to Settings > System > Reset Settings > Reset Application Settings. word-image-3887 Also read : Solved:] Android error with insufficient memory

Decision 16: Uninstalling and reinstalling the Google Contacts application

If Google contacts won’t sync, remove the Google Contacts application from your phone. word-image-3888 After uninstalling the application, you can reinstall it by opening the Google Play Store application on your phone and typing the application name in the search bar. Then click the Install button next to the application. Install the Google Contacts application on your phone. Now check if the application displays the list of contacts on your phone/account. Open the Google Contacts application and touch the 3 horizontal dots or the menu key to switch between accounts or to view all accounts. If you already have access to the Account Management menu on this phone, the account synchronization process can be completed.

Decision 17: Use a third-party application to fix the problem that Google contacts are not syncing

If you still haven’t fixed the Google contacts sync problem on your Android phone or tablet, the last thing you should do is to use Contacts Sync Fix (third-party app) to fix the sync error. This application checks for broken contacts, removes special characters and fixes the problem itself. So just install the Google Contacts Sync Fix app from the Google Play Store and click on Fix. Message: Before you can click on the Repair button, you need to save your contacts.


So in this guide, I have listed the best possible solutions for the situation where Google Contacts doesn’t want to sync on Android. You can try one solution after another until the problem is solved. word-image-3889 Max Field is the founder of He is an Android enthusiast and loves to write tips, recommendations, troubleshooting, data recovery solutions and other Android related stuff.Since I got a new Nexus 7 tablet, I’ve been having trouble with my contacts. Whenever I try and sync my Google Contacts using the Android system, I get an error message saying that “Google Contacts were not found.” Other than that, everything else on the phone is working fine. What do I do next? The problem is that Google Contacts for Android isn’t integrated into your device as it is on the web. Instead, it’s stored on your Google account as a separate contact list. So all you need to do is create a new “Google Contacts” in your device and then sync that new one over to your phone.. Read more about outlook contacts not syncing with android and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my Google contacts not syncing with Android?

Google Contacts integration is one of the most convenient features of the Android platform. With Google, your contacts can be managed and synced across all of your devices. This works for Gmail, Google, and G Suite accounts, and is a great way to keep track of your contacts and their data across all of your devices. However, if you are having any trouble with contacts not syncing between your devices, or syncing some contacts but not others, then you may want to learn how to fix Google contacts not syncing on Android. Android is an amazing OS, and Google is an amazing company. But there’s one area where the two don’t seem to be able to get along: syncing contacts. When you install a new version of Android, your Google contacts aren’t automatically updated. If you have multiple phones, you’ll have to manually add each of their Google contacts to your Android gadget. And if you’re using Google’s phone app, you’re left out in the cold.

Why are my contacts not syncing Android?

Android uses the same contact syncing system used by iOS and Windows Phone. When you set up your Google Account on one of these systems, you are given a set of pre-populated contacts to use. Google sync’s your contacts using the contacts syncing system. This process is done automatically and when you disable the option to sync your contacts manually, you disable the syncing of your contacts. To sync contacts, all you need to do is go to syncing on your phone and hit the sync contacts button. That’s it! Once you sync your contacts, you will be able to add them to other Android devices running Android 5.0 or above. Over the years, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve experienced a problem with contacts not syncing on my Android phone, only to find the solution hidden in a Settings menu on my phone.

How do I sync Google Contacts with my Android phone?

If you have ever tried to sync your Google contacts with your Android device, you may have encountered a problem. You may have heard that you may need to enable contacts syncing from the phone’s settings or that you may need to create a new Google account and sign in before syncing contacts. This article will show you how to sync Google contacts with your Android phone and keep them sync correctly without any issues. Do you use Google services like Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Keep? Do you use Google Contacts? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then you’re definitely familiar with syncing your Google data with your phone. But what happens when your phone doesn’t sync with Google Contacts? Well, that’s when you need to check in with this article!

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Google Contacts Not Syncing On Android? Here’s How To Fix! Google may have introduced Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) as an operating system designed to run on billions of devices and covers everything from mobile phones to tablet computers, TV and other products. However, there are still some kinks that Google has yet to iron out. For…

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