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Add Open in Windows Terminal as Administrator to Context menu

In XP, 2003 server and Vista there is an option to open up the right-click context menu and choose Run As Administrator. This option has been removed in Windows 7, and there is no replacement for the same. However, there […]

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What Is OneDrive and How Do I Control It?

What is OneDrive and how can I control it? OneDrive is a storage solution provided by Microsoft that, much like Google Drive, Dropbox, and other cloud-based storage solutions, allow you to store files on the Internet and access them with […]

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NET HELPMSG 2182 Error {Solved}

In Windows XP, Help and Support is a great way to troubleshoot issues with your computer system and fix them. Although it is great, there can be a few problems that can occur. One of the most common problems with […]

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Tuya Smart App for PC (2021)

The Tuya Smart App for PC is a software that you can install on a Windows based computer to control a smart TV device such as the TUYA 3.0 developed by Tuya Inc. The Tuya Smart TV App helps you […]

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